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Marlene Ebejer

Marlene Ebejer is the Principal Lawyer admitted to practice in 2005 and in 2014 became an Accredited Family Law Specialist. Ebejer and Associates Lawyers Pty Ltd opened its doors in Werribee in 2006.

Prior to becoming a lawyer Marlene worked as a community
worker focusing on housing, education and economic development with a range of communities. Returning to study law in 2000 whilst the general manager of a national training company. Marlene brings a holistic approach to legal work, looking at a client’s circumstances and developing a plan forward to deal with the legal issues and any other underlying issues that come to the surface. Marlene represents clients in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Magistrates Court, Fair Work Commission, Federal Magistrates Court of Australia, Family Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of Victoria.

In 2009 Marlene co-authored her first book, Focus: Family Law, 4th edition which was published by Lexis Nexis. In 2012 the 5th edition was released and the 6th edition will be released at the end of 2104. In 2013 Marlene’s first solo book was published Q & A: Legal Practice and Ethics be published by Lexis Nexis.

Marlene is actively involved in the Law Institute of Victoria’s legal aid task force promoting and encouraging legal aid to continue funding those people in the community who cannot afford accessing justice.

Marlene’s qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Multicultural Studies) RMIT 1995
  • Certificate in Asian Studies Victoria University 1996
  • Graduate Diploma in Vocational Education and Training Melbourne University 1998
  • Bachelor of Laws Monash University 2005
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Services Leo Cussens Institute 2005
  • Masters in Applied Family Law College of Law 2010